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Posted 22/03/2015

We have had a number of art exhibitions at the hotel over the years and we are really keen to work with local artists to help promote their work.  

Our current exhibitors are husband and wife team Kevin & Anne Townsend who live a couple of miles away in Tytherleigh and their work is on display from mid March 2015 for 3 months.  

Anne has spent her working life as a Professional Chef, College Lecturer and with her husband, has owned a Restaurant and also Refurbished Property: so 'Art' in its many guises has featured throughout her life whether in her Career, her Teaching or Interior Design.  "My life is essentially a Creative journey. As far back as I can remember I have always made 'things' and painting has been my passion. I am still enthralled by the process of putting paint to board etc and what happens in between still amazes me. It is usually colour that intrigues me but a shape, a form or the perceived challenge to capture and interpret that which was first visualised is my mantra -  Inspired Moments"

Kevin has spent nearly all his working life working with Anne. Having recently retired after 40 years as caterers and restaurateurs. "I have now entered a new phase in my life making Picture frames, Giclee Printing and Box Canvases, which are all an extension of my interest in Photography.All in all a great combination for a joint business venture". 

Being a pet friendly hotel we knew our guests would be really interested in seeing the box canvases on display of cats and dogs and they really do look at good as the photo, although a photo of any image can be reproduced onto canvas and if you do not have a high resolution photo then Kevin can arrange to take one as part of the service and can often produce the canvas on the same day.  I think our resident dogs Mocca, Lollipop and Barnie will be placing orders soon!

Anne is such a talented artist and we are amazed at the wide variety of subjects she paints and the ceramic figurines are so unique.  Having been asked to paint a friends dog as a birthday present for her father, from that more commissions followed and Anne has the skill to capture the likeness and individuality of each pet.  

Ceramic Figurines

Each piece is individually crafted using resin clay which is moulded, pierced and sculpted onto an armature (hand made mould)clay is added or removed until the piece is complete. The figure is slowly dried and afterwards painted with your choice of colour using a variety of mediums resulting in a unique piece of art like no other.

Feel free to come along and view the exhibition between the hours of 11am and 5pm but we recommend you telephone in advance just in case we have a function on the day you would like to come along.  

If you would like to discuss a commission or would like to arrange to visit their studio then please feel free to contact them directly



Anne Townsend - For all Artwork, Figurines, Workshops and Home Produce:-                            

Kevin Townsend - For Giclee Printing, Box Canvases, Photography and Picture Framing:-         

Tel: 01297 678970  or  07970 221878