Carrie Southwell's Ancestral Story and Link to the Pilgrim Fathers

"My first memories of the Mayflower story was when I was six years old and I was taken to Plymouth UK in 1970 by my parents.  It was the 350th anniversary celebrations of the Mayflower’s sailing and it was then that my mother explained the significance of the Pilgrim fathers to our family.  I was told that I was a direct descendant of one of the Pilgrim Fathers through my American mother’s side of the family.  The most important one being William Brewster, one of the senior elders of the group and the groups religious leader.

William Brewster family tree started with two sons, Love & Wrestling who went on the Mayflower voyage with their parents to settle in New England, the younger children Fear, Jonathan and Patience followed the next year.  Twelve generations later my Great Grandfather, Frank Bryant married Elizabeth Bickford and one of their children was my Grandmother Cora Bryant.  Cora married John Hill Snr and they had five children, one of whom was my mother Barbara who was born September 1925.  My mother grew up in Natick, Massachusetts but left the USA in 1951 to work in London where she met my army officer father on a blind date.  They married in 1952 and settled in the UK and brought up 4 children.

I am immensely proud of my ancestry and have to thank my late Uncle John Hill Jnr for tracing the family tree back to the Mayflower and proving our lineage to the Pilgrim Fathers.  The Hill family are members of the Mayflower Society.

I am really looking forward to being immensely involved in the 2020 anniversary celebrations in Plymouth being 400 years since the voyage of the Mayflower."